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About Us


Drawing by Alexis Rodriguez, 4th grade

Principal's Message

Being the principal of Cesar Chavez Elementary is a great honor and responsibility.  As someone who grew up in El Sereno, I am amazed at the development and some of the new challenges the neighborhood presents.


Our priorities are to provide a safe, engaging and enjoyable environment where children and adults can achieve their greatest potential.  This means we endeavor to keep our focus on what is good and necessary for children.  


Their future success, whether it be college or training for the career of their choice, are doors we want to open and keep open for our students. We welcome families into our school and we build upon the lessons they have already taught their children about being respectful and honorable citizens. 


We are proud to be a public school that offers a comprehensive instructional program to all children.


Finally, we want to make sure that our children understand the legacy of Cesar Chavez.  Our students should understand that the values that he advocated: education, participating in the governing process and caring for others are American values.  Thank you for trusting us with your children and we look forward to seeing you soon.





Armando Ramirez

Vision Statement

The stakeholders at Cesar Chavez Elementary School work in collaboration developing lifelong learners and thinkers who will become productive, successful, and responsible citizens.  They will graduate college and career ready - prepared to meet the challenges and high expectations of the 21st Century.

Mission Statement

The students at Cesar Chavez Elementary School will be provided with a standards-aligned, accessible, and individualized instructional program that will result in a high-quality education for every student.